The Blend


Hi, we are Ixly a medium-sized company of 30 people offering assessments and psychological tests for selection and assessment, among other things. We have a lot of knowledge and expertise in house so we develop these tests ourselves!

Where do you work, what is your company/function?

We work with different departments. From Sales and Marketing to R&D and Software Development.

How do you like your coffee?

Black with a hint of milk.

What do you like most about Utrecht?

The small, cosy streets in the big city. It has everything a city needs, such as many restaurants and nice shops.

What is your favourite spot in (or view of) BLEND?

The view of the canal is very special. The atmosphere that the building exudes as soon as you enter is warm and welcoming!

Have you ever slept in the 2L BLEND? 

Some of my colleagues have slept there. It is a wonderful hotel. Well cared for, luxurious and spacious! The breakfast is also delicious and plentiful.

What is your favourite snack or drink at Mr. Black and the White Ox?

A burrata salad during the lunch break is very nice, but the eggs benedict with salmon is the most frequently ordered.

What success did you celebrate recently and how did you celebrate it?

We have regular drinks at Mr Black's, preferably in the great garden; we don't need successes for that!

What do you think of The Blend?

We like the office building very much! We are very accessible both by car and by public transport. The building is a nice mix of different companies, the hotel and of course the delicious restaurant! We regularly use the skybox for meetings or the wine room when we have some visitors. In short, for us the ideal place for our office!