The Blend


About us

About us

This recently transformed office building is located in the heart of the coffee district on the Vleutensevaart along the Merwedekanaal, near the centre of Utrecht. The building, which for a long time was the headquarters of Douwe Egberts, was given the name 'De Blend' after an extensive renovation. On the one hand, this is a reference to the past, and on the other, it reflects the mix of current users.

Special rooms

Special rooms

It is the place to eat, meet, work & sleep.

The Blend Offices offers fine workplaces, equipped with all necessary facilities. De Blend is also a special location for both festive and business events, with rooms such as the Skybox, Wineroom and the White Ox. Beautiful places where you can present your creative business class or hold a meeting with a larger group, possibly combined with lunch in the restaurant. Mr.Black & The White Oxand ending with a drink at the bar or in the garden.

Hotel 2L De Blend has beautiful hotel rooms (short-stay flats), which are ideal for expats and business travellers.

Right next to De Blend, on the same premises, is Improving You Personal Gym established. Improving You Personal Gym provides corporate fitness training(s) and/or personal training programmes.

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