The Blend


We are Ciratum, Business and IT Consultants in the energy, water and telecom sector. We work intensively on our future and that of our customers. We have been doing so since 2008. We dare say we've been extremely successful (and so have our customers). 

What does the company do?

We increase the success of organisations within the energy, water and telecom sector through pragmatic and connecting services.

How do you like your coffee?

Just about all options are drunk.

What do you like most about Utrecht?

Our colleagues live all over the country, making Utrecht the ideal place to meet. We chose De Blend to give our consultants a Ciratum home base in a central and easily accessible location.

What is your favourite spot in (or view of) BLEND?

The Wall of Fame in our own office! It's great fun to reminisce about all the outings, trips and activities that we have undertaken as a company. Next is the Skybox, where we regularly host training sessions or team days.

What is your favourite snack or drink at Mr. Black and the White Ox?

White beer and appetisers are something we all appreciate, and the chips with truffle mayonnaise are doing well too.

What success did you celebrate recently and how did you celebrate it?

That we are for the 3e voted a Great Place To Work by our colleagues (with a score of 8.7) for the year in a row. Super proud of that! We have also improved this score for three years in a row. For this, we had a delicious barbeque at Anafora in the Maximapark in Utrecht after a team day.

With whom would you most like to have a meeting in the skybox, and what would that meeting be about?

With as many new colleagues as possible, because we are still looking for a lot of them. All our vacancies can be found at